red forge

Red Forge Digital Axle Load Indicator System - for trucks with spring suspension

With the introduction of the Red Forge product, Loadman Australia is now able to offer a complete range of on-board weighing systems for virtually any vehicle configuration.

The unique design sensor system for spring suspension trucks provides a cost-effective solution for applications which were typically scaled with load cells. Red Forge systems are suitable for light duty and heavy duty applications. Air transducers can be incorporated for trucks with air suspension systems.

AXALERT™ 20/20

Suitable for rigid trucks over 7000kg on spring suspension

The Axalert 20/20 display has several modes to monitor GVM and individual axle group weights. With a bar graph display for steer and drive axles the operator can instantly determine mass compliance. VTS enables interface with GPS systems and alarm warnings alert the driver of overloading.

 Download Axalert 20/20 PDF


Suited to smaller rigid trucks and vans up to 8500kg on spring suspension

This easy to use system has a simple bar graph indicator which monitors GVW plus front and rear axle loading; this product has visual and audible overload warning.

Download Limitlite Plus PDF


Suitable for vehicles up to 18 tonnes GVW

The Red Forge Axalert Plus provides warnings for overloading on both front and rear axles as well as GVW.

Particularly suited to 4 x 2 rigid trucks on spring suspension the unit has a simple to use ergonomic display which requires minimum input from the driver. It is compatible with both air and mechanical suspensions, has rugged sensor technology and is easily retrofitted.

The Red Forge Axalert Plus on-board weighing system offers a high quality solution at a competitive price.

Download Axalert Plus PDF